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Few good reasons to visit Swan Valley


Few good reasons to visit Swan Valley

Swan Valley is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Perth, West Australia. And, it is so, for a number of reasons. Swan Valley is Australia’s oldest grape growing region, which is located to the north of the famous Swan River. It is the food and wine that is attracting, a huge number of tourists towards Swan Valley. Going to Swan Valley is also very easy; all you need to do is, to take a river cruise from Swan River, and within few minutes, you will be in Swan Valley. Swan Valley operates every day of the week except Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Below are few good reasons why you should be visiting Swan Valley, and visiting there is one of the best things to do in Perth WA.

1. Food is the biggest reason.
It is not that, you won’t find good food in other parts of Perth, but it is that, what you get to eat in Swan Valley’s cafeterias and hotels is just finger licking good. It is hard to find places where you get to eat organically grown food. In Swan Valley, all the restaurants offer foods that are loaded with seasonal produce that is free from fertilizers and pesticides.

2. Beverages like coffee, tea, wine, and beer.
Swan Valley is a 32-kilometer loop that has nearly 150 places for satisfying your appetite, which includes wineries, breweries, coffee shops, etc. Grapes that are organically grown here are used for wine production. This is one place where you get to taste the world-class wine and beer. Who doesn’t like a cup of warm coffee after a long walk around vineyard? Excellent coffee and organic tea that is available at Swan Valley is something to die for.

3. Picnic slots and Barbeque facilities.
Swan Valley, is a small world within the big world, you can see no pollution, too much crowd, or too much vehicles. You can spend your whole day with your family, with some nice home-made cheese, and hand-made chocolates. This valley has a very long cycle and walking trail, and exploring it with your friends and family, can be an excellent stress-buster.